Reminder: Kwanzaa Principles and Food

Asante sana, Medaase paa, Bro. Michael! Let me know when you’ll be in Atlanta. I’d like to do a Pan-African cooking show for my classes at Morehouse.


Heri Zaa Kwanzaa!

Kwanzaa was founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga.  Kwanzaa derives from a Swahili expression for “first fruits” of the harvest and was created so African Americans could have a holiday all their own to celebrate each other and their collective culture and historical experience.  (If you don’t like this particular aspect please be sure to protest every other other ethnic or national group’s holiday or holy day or commemoration that posits them as distinct, unique, and self-determining….nuff said…)  Today Kwanzaa is a Pan-African holiday that calls on all of Africa’s children to come together for a greater purpose, and by doing so, to enhance and bless the entire human family.  This is a time when we get our own house in order so we can come back to the table of brotherhood/ sisterhood/ humanhood refreshed knowing we are becoming our best selves.

Here are the Nguzo…

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